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In doing some research regarding such an issue, there appears to be a lot of folks having this issue, especially with HP/Compaq laptops and Windows Vista.

While there isn't ONE foolproof way to fix this issue there seems to be a couple things that work more often than any other.  Give them a try, they can't hurt!

First, with the laptop plugged in, booted up and running normally, simply take the battery out while it's still running.  Leave the battery out for a couple minutes to let Vista recognize that the battery is missing.  Next, simply put the battery back into the laptop and wait about 30 seconds.  It may just start charging!

If that doesn't work, try the following steps.

1. Turn off the laptop
2. Remove the battery and AC connection.
3. Hold the power button for 1 minute to drain any remaining charges on the circuit board.
4. Install the battery
5. Plug in to AC power. Do not power up the laptop! The charge light should now be solid, not flashing.
6. Allow the laptop to charge for a while without powering it up yet.

Turn on the laptop and see if the battery continues to charge.

It seems there may be an issue with Vista charging a fully spent battery.  However, the above charges the battery above it's dead state without loading Windows.  Once your start the computer again, the battery isn't fully dead, so Vista can charge it again.

Again, it doesn't work for all cases, but definitely worth a shot!  If you want to read oodles of comments about people with this issue, head on over here.


+5 #8 SKN 2013-05-03 07:14
HP Envy battery is inbuilt. I cant remove it. Battery charger plugged in but either battery is not charging or not working. Laptop not starting after kept the charger plugged in for three hour.
-4 #7 Jane 2012-11-20 02:45
I have a HP , 2 weeks old and i had the same problem. Removing the battery helped me and its charging again.
-3 #6 sec713 2012-09-22 17:13
Chris Elliot is absolutely correct. None of these steps are fixing the problem, it's just that with all the unplugging and plugging in, you're randomly getting a broken wire to make contact. Once it does, the laptop will charge. All this other stuff is useless. So that being said, if you're unwilling to attempt a repair of the charger, just keep fooling with the wire, unplugging and plugging it back in.
-2 #5 chankey pathak 2012-09-10 01:39
I'm facing this issue, not able to solve it by following your procedure. Is there any other way? let me know please.
-2 #4 James 2012-07-30 12:19
Have an HP ENVY and had the same problem. Tried every suggestion on all sites - nothing worked. Finally I had the idea to work the laptop on battery until it asks you to recharge or it will close down. Missed it because I watched the Olympics. Battery was completely discharged and laptop had itself turned off. Only chance to start it was to plug AC in, which I did - and BINGO!! it started to recharge the battery as well. Hope this is to some help of others because it was driving me up the wall.
-2 #3 Chris Elliott 2012-06-29 21:45
George, did the "plugged in, not charging" happen right after the dog chewed it? You're right that not all power supplies have the center "sense" pin, but 99% of the setups I've fixed it was a break in the center conductor right at the jack. Take your power supply to someone with the same computer and I'd bet the farm their computer says the same thing.
-2 #2 GEORGE 2012-06-27 07:35
Removing the battery worked for me. I'll see if it holds up. I'm not sure about Chris's comment on the three conductor cable from the power suppply to the laptop. I know for certain the poweer supply cable to my laptop is two conductor because I just spliced it where my dog chewed it.
-5 #1 Chris Elliott 2012-06-15 02:33
For all laptops these days there is three conductor cable that goes from the power supply to the laptop. The outer ring you see is the negative part of the terminal, inside the connector there is an inner positive ring. The very center is a pin which is "sense". Almost always the thin wire going to the sense terminal has broken. If you crack open the case for the power supply (you don't need to) and take an ohm meter you will see an open circuit from the center pin to the thin wire inside the power supply. You can cut the rubbery strain relief on the computer side with and exacto lengthwise, be careful and you can reuse it with some electrical tape. Desolder the three wires from the terminal, cut about 6" from the remaining wire, strip the wire, resolder to terminal and you're done. All of the crap like: unplug, wait, change bios, dance on one foot, etc. only "work" temporarily because you're flexed the intermittent bad connection.

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