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Unhide the Administrator account in Vista

Vista was giving me a hard time about uninstalling a program.  Even though I had an "administrator" account logged in, it was still telling me I had to be an administrator to uninstall the particular program I was trying to uninstall.

If you boot to safe mode, you can log in as the Administrator, but the windows installer service isn't available in safe mode, therefore, I couldn't uninstall the program that was giving me grief.  However, the option to log in normally as THE Administrator simply isn't available normally... *sigh* what to do....

Well here's a way to "unhide" that Administrator account.

In your normal account, open an "elevated command prompt" by doing the following:
1.  Click the blue pearl and type 'cmd' (without quotes) in the search box.
2.  Hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys and press Enter.
3.  Click continue when it asks you if you permission.

Now that you've got an elevated command prompt (command prompt with admin privleges) you can unhide that administrator account.

1.  Type the following (without quotes of course)
'net user administrator /active:yes'
2.  Press enter.

You should get a reply after a few seconds that says "Command completed successfully"

Now restart your system... you should see that all and powerful administrator account listed.  Yay!

Do what you need to do as far as uninstalling that program.... then follow the steps above again.  This time, turn off the administrator account.

Once you've got the command prompt window open with admin privleges again type the following:
net user administrator /active:no

Reboot and the Administrator account should be gone.

It is IMPORTANT to turn that administrator account off and only use it when you ABSOLUTELY NEED it.... for security and a host of other reasons...


0 #1 luis 2011-11-29 13:42
i want to know how to unhide ty main account through a standard user account.

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